Litehouse maritime service

Our Services

One main factor links all the above potential clients: they all rely heavily on the final product of the surveyor ~ the survey report ~ for clarity, accuracy and the knowledge that the case has been handled with expertise.

Benefits of Our Service

1. Cargoes are handled with care and delivered to the consignee in good condition.

¨Reduction of risk on poor quality and non-compliance goods onboard.

2. Follow up on production process and taken corrective actions before  production is finished and goods are packed

3. Highly competitive operational and professional fees

4. Excellent and quality service delivery.

5. Prompt attendance to claims.

6. Fast delivery of cargoes

7. Reduction in the amount of claims settled without prejudice to fairness, loss of trust and confidence in all marine services

8. Good customer relations

Lets handle your cargo!

We are a firm of seasoned professionals that offers specialized services in the maritime industry. We are well positioned to render pre-shipment inspection of wet, cash crops and dangerous cargoes.

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